maandelijks archief: november 2012

In search

Number 2 of 3
of English poetry
for my international friends

lost in far-stretching plains
we hunt for a helping hand
“let’s choose to disbelieve,” I boast
she shakes her head silently

I can tell her heart is melting
but she beams with ice cold eyes
as I run my fingers through her hair
and mine too, desperately

“read my lines,” I encourage her
“read what’s written in between”
but as the dusk she fades
and only mutters quietly

Roof terrace

Number 1 of 3
of English poetry
for my international friends

an abandoned square filled
to the roof
with empty cups
disposed of
after the tea was sipped up

riddled strangers scattered out
over my scorched hand
shoes to protect you from the cold-
hearted spirits floating through your home

bright and colorful squares
through the roof
and empty cubs
disposed of
after their teeth were sawed off

Lady candlelight

lady candlelight swings back and forth
on the rhythm of some eighties song
graceful, but never too remote
in letting go and drawing near

radiant her unfolded wings
embracing souls with tenderness
rendering in black and white
a silhouette of dreamy lines

her soft tones pulsate slowly
energizing the vibrant air
a soft touch to emphasize her presence
a gentle smile in her approach